CCR Considerations

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There are no dive shops in Truk Lagoon so you can’t purchase diving equipment, rebreather spares, or open circuit equipment on the trip. Our expedition vessel has some basic diving equipment, but with so many different configurations on board, it’s important you bring as many spares as possible for your unit so you won’t be forced to miss any dives.

If you have your equipment serviced before coming to Truk, then use it a couple times before traveling to ensure there are no problems. Bring plenty of lights, the more powerful, the better. You won’t regret it in the engine rooms!

  • Certification prerequisites are MOD 1 (MOD 2 for some of our deeper charters, please inquire).

  • Even if you are TMX certified on OC, we are not able to provide helium for your rebreather unless you are certified for it.



All our gas-blenders have been trained by our expedition leader Aron, who has overseen several high profile blending stations around the world.


The following DIN cylinders are available for CCR divers on our vessel:

  • 2L and 3L/7-23 cu ft rebreather cylinders

  • 6-12L/40-80 cu ft bailout cylinders

  • Sidemount bailout cylinders L/R

*GUE CCR configurations: we can provide 6L/40 cu ft tanks but you need to bring your own LOLA vales.

*There are NO M26 valves or adapters on board, you must bring your own.

*Slings for deco/bailout are provided, but bring yours if you can to have it just right for you.

*When you book, please specify the unit you will dive in along with the tank sizes you need.


  • Oxygen is US$0.07 per liter

  • Helium is US$0.20 per liter

  • All Nitrox mixes from 32-100% will be available. 

*O2 is provided at a minimum 94% purity from our redundant oxygen generator systems.

*As there is no means to bank gasses in Truk Lagoon, all the gasses supplied will be charged for, even if they are not used.

*CCR teams can arrange shared cost team bailout gasses at the beginning of the expedition. After a brief discussion on the first evening and in group chats before the trip, we will bank standardized gasses which everybody agrees on.


Molecular Sofnolime 797 1-2.5 mm is available and is sold in 4.5kg/9.9lb containers at US$65 each.


Two Dive-X Piranha and two Bonex scooters are available on Truk Master and can be reserved for US$50 per dive.