How to Pack for Truk Lagoon or Bikini Atoll

     How to Pack for Truk Lagoon or Bikini Atoll

It’s no secret, technical diving is gear-intensive and if you’re packing for Truk Lagoon or Bikini Atoll — some of the remotest diving destinations in the world — you want to have all your essentials with you. Add a sophisticated underwater camera setup and a closed-circuit rebreather, and you have a recipe for sleepless nights wondering just how much you can stretch the bounds of your luggage allowance.



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Greetings from Finland


Divers of The Dark members Antti Apunen and Laura Tuominen this morning after doing photogrammetry at the Russian submarine Sch-306, lying in the exact middle of the Gulf of Finland at 75 meters. Antti complies with the Dirty Dozen team rules of clothing, but Laura decided to stay pink. Please note the anesthesiologist description on the shirt, that says it all. Where have you worn your Dirty Dozen shirt! Post in the comments below or send us a photo!

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