Surfacing from a 2 hour dive with High-fives and having the time of your life.

This is what we are all about - making sure you go home with memories and friends for a lifetime.


"This is a unique concept in taking 12 experienced and passionate tech divers to one of the best dive locations in the world with a top of the range liveaboard, full CCR support, A special guest diver and an itinerary that takes in only the very best wrecks that Truk has to offer. It's a fantastic combination that results in amazing dives, great company, fascinating conversations and what can only be described as a trip of a lifetime." 

Mark Powell - TDI Global Training Advisory Panel

Author of “Technical Diving: An Introduction” and “Deco For Divers”

Truk Lagoon 2018


“In 2018 I had the pleasure of exploring the wrecks of Bikini Atoll together with Aron Arngrímsson. These dives count among the best I have ever done.”

Richard Lundgren, Co-Founder of Global Underwater Explorers

Bikini Atoll 2018



“I can well remember, sitting there as an over-eager toddler and waiting for the clock to hit the Cousteau showtime. Our black and white television left quite a bit for the imagination to fill in, but maybe just because of that my mind was totally immersed in the deep waters and magnificent wrecks of the Pacific once the adventure began. I could see or hear nothing else.

When Aron asked me to join the Dirty Dozen team, I hesitated maybe 0,27 seconds. This expedition was exactly what I had been dreaming about. So you can imagine how high my expectations were when leaving the cold and murky waters of Finland behind and heading to the warmer side of the world.

Having now dived 14 of the Truk's greatest wrecks, I could not be more pleased. Neither do I need to wonder anymore what it all looks like in colors. Truk Master's crew easily exceeded any expectation I had. Aron, as expedition leader and Martin as Captain did an excellent job making sure every dip into the underworld was a unique experience and sheer pleasure. I have already booked my next trip with Aron, Martin, and Master Liveaboards to Bikini Atoll in 2019, and there a few things in life I look more forward to."


“The heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen has always been on the top of my must-dive-wrecks. It is one the biggest warhips to ever sail my home waters, the coast of Finland. Its legendary sortie with Bismarck is one those great naval war history stories that captivated me already as a small boy. When I was offered a chance to dive Prinz Eugen along wrecks with similarly amazing history, such as USS Saratoga and IJN Nagato, I didn't have to think twice. I had high expectations of this expedition as I had visited Truk with Dirty Dozen the year before.

There was no disappointment: The experience and service was complete five stars again. Aron Arngrimsson and the crew of Truk Master did an absolutely outstanding job to make my trip a memory for a lifetime. Their operations ran like a Swiss watch and covered all aspects of rebreather diving with expertise and safety. I can highly recommend the Dirty Dozen expeditions and Truk Master to anyone thinking about visiting Truk or Bikini for some serious wreck diving.

Join the Dirty Dozen. Now.”

Antti Apunen - Co-founder of Divers Of The Dark and writer behind “Diving Into The Unknown”

Truk Lagoon and Bikini Atoll 2018/2019


“We recently worked with The Dirty Dozen Expeditions on a landmark new series for National Geographic Channel. The filming required two divers to penetrate various wrecks in Truk Lagoon, Aron was one of our on camera divers. The filming process can be challenging and myself and the crew were amazed at how easily Aron dealt with everything. Having such a highly experienced and talented diver on the team made our lives significantly easier. He quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and helped us get the shots we needed, which is such an incredible asset to have on these tricky dive shoots. This intuition was also very useful in all aspects of our shoot (topside and underwater) and would definitely recommend him as a location fixer or contributor.

He was also simply just a great guy to have on our crew, which is one of the most important things in my opinion and adds huge value to the whole experience. “

Chris Baron, Producer, National Geographic


“The Dirty Dozen concept has proven to be very viable. The unique blend of diving not only the deeper and less visited wrecks in Truk Lagoon and also some of the classic dives makes for an exceptional experience. And the adventures are supported by expedition leader Aron Arngrimsson and skipper Martin Cridge. Their passion for and knowledge of the wrecks in the lagoon are world class.

What really made the Dirty Dozen trip memorable was sharing the experience with a team of very skilled CCR divers from all over the world. On a liveaboard populated by, among others, three diving doctors, a handful of skilled technical instructors from almost all training agencies and not to mention the man who literally wrote the book on decompression, the discussions over dinner were always interesting and meaningful.

I wholeheartedly recommend participating in a future Dirty Dozen event if you have a chance.”

Jesper Kjøller - Truk Lagoon 2018

Matt Rock On-1.jpg

“I’ve generally been lucky. An attribute that trumps talent anytime. Right place, right time and cool stuff happens, so it was with Truk. A message from Aron, affectionately known as the worlds smallest Viking.... hey, doing this trip to Truk, no limit runtimes, liveaboard, all mates, you’ll be one of the original dirty dozen, are you in. When is it I asked? Hmm, already in the Philippines on a cave project, see...told you I was lucky. Yes mate, I will be there.

Right, time for research. Truk, as for any serious techie is on the bucket list, but its like Jennifer Anniston for us ‘more mature’ blokes, you know it will be fun, but really, how much fun could it be....

Rod MacDonald has the details nailed, his book Truk is a must read and honestly quite sobering when you see the scale of what happened. Not just in wreck terms, but in human terms. Something when we explore new places and wrecks is easy to put to the back of the mind. Chatted to a few buddies who had been there, one of whom said, if Disney did wrecks, Truk is the blockbuster. Everyone who has been there waxes lyrical, so it’s good, right? I headed out knowing it would be world class diving, but I suppose the anticipation was tinged with a sense of it can’t be as incredible as people say, ie don’t expect to much and you can still be wowed..


There are no words to properly capture what the Truk experience gives, especially as part of the Dirty Dozen. The wrecks are amazing, especially the deeper stuff where things are pretty much untouched. There are technicolour corals, sea life, dolphins on deco, rays and sharks on the wrecks, turtles.

You want to see a dozen torpedos, a million rounds of ammunition, bombs, tanks, mines, shells. Its all there. Then remember the people, see the mess tins, the boots, maybe a skull embedded in coral, the medical kits and be humbled by the sacrifices made, by the need to show respect and put the humanity and horror in context.

The professionalism on board is tremendous, Aron works his beard off to ensure you have all you need. The crew are great and work with you how you want, respectful of the CCR and tech divers needs. The skipper is well worth diving with, great photographer and knows the wrecks inside out.

So, get up, breakfast, grab a coffee, sit through a super briefing, grab your team and drop an hour at 60m, surface to a crew happy to wash you down, carry your bailouts and give you a nice cold juice.

Whatever you heard about Truk, don’t do what I did and take it with a pinch of salt, believe it, totally, then go and still be amazed. Will I be back, sure, lucky me”

Matthew S Jevon - 2018
South West Technical Diving - Ireland.

Advanced Trimix Instructor (OC and CCR), Full Cave Instructor (OC and CCR), Explorer.

Truk Lagoon 2018

Dirty Dozen Spring 2018 (c) Jesper Kjøller_7.jpg

"Aron Arngrimsson, the owner and founder of The Dirty Dozen Expeditions, has created nothing short of world-class, "once in a lifetime" type of experiences for technical divers.

Before you even step foot on your liveaboard, Aron facilitates group dialogue and fosters a bond among your fellow boat mates. All questions and concerns are addressed well in advance to allow planning and packing, which is essential when traveling across the world with delicate CCRs and photography equipment.

Once on the boat, the adventure and pampering really begins. The live aboard crew are friendly, professional, and accommodating with anything from culinary requests to helping you with donning your drysuit. The boat is uncluttered, clean, and well organized for the plethora of dive gear, supportive equipment, and staff.

Finally, the diving.... The diving! The water is warm and clear. Marine life abounds. And, the wrecks provide an unrivaled playground for exploration and admiration. These ships feature cavernous engine rooms, intimidating deck guns, and all sorts of discoveries packed into crevices and corners, which range from hemispherical beach mines to Jeeps to medication kits.

What else could you a diver want?"

Derek B. Covington, M.D. - Director of Undersea Medicine Clinic - 2018

Assistant Clinical Professor - Department of Anesthesiology

University of Florida College of Medicine

Truk Lagoon 2018


“My trip to Truk Lagoon was shaping out to be a trip of a lifetime. To make the most of it, I signed up for two back-to-back itineraries aboard the Truk Master liveaboard. The first was a “standard” itinerary for technical, mostly open circuit divers. Just being able to dive all these WWII wrecks now resting peacefully in the sand at 60 meters depth and visit massive engine rooms under the watchful eye of skilled dive masters was a fantastic experience.

As the trip was winding down and everyone was drying their gear and packing for their return flight home, I was wondering what the Dirty Dozen had in store for me the following week. I was blown away. It was not just a “rebreather friendly” trip but rather a dedicated CCR diving expedition with dive plans, bottom times and total dive times made suitable for serious CCR and wreck exploration diving. Logistical support on the boat was top notch. Banks of oxygen and premixed trimix gases were used to refill CCR cylinders after every dive and custom mixes could be blended upon request as well. Bailout tanks were provided with either standard or sidemount valves to accommodate individual diver preferences and scooters were available for rental to those interested in covering more ground as well. Secure ascent line, deco bars at 6 and 3 meters, and emergency deco gas drop tanks suspended at 21 and 6 meters were all in place during every dive. Back on the boat, the crew was ready to deploy a technical safety diver, a skiff, or additional deco gas to lend assistance to in-water divers if necessary.

I was so impressed with this trip that since then I have returned to Truk Master three more times - once more to join another Dirty Dozen expedition in Truk Lagoon, and twice to Bikini Atoll where, just as I did in Truk, I had an opportunity to dive with and without the Dirty Dozen. Every one of these trips was well worth my money and time and left me with unforgettable memories. For me, it was particularly the experience level of special guests, such as the author of Deco for Divers, and other divers, including cave and wreck explorers and dive medicine doctors, that made the Dirty Dozen expeditions stand out from the rest each and every time, giving me the opportunities to learn from and explore these historic wrecks with folks I would definitely consider experts in the field.”

Zb Indelak - Tec Dive Nomad - Utila, Honduras - Truk Lagoon/Bikini Atoll 2018/2019


“Bikini Atoll was on my wreck diving bucket list for many years and because it’s a true remote dive expedition, getting a great team to dive with is very important. Well along came Aron Arngrimsson and the Dirty Dozen. This concept, running a remote wreck expedition combined with a special guest who is an expert in the technical diving field ticked all the right boxes.

Aron was a great team leader, from the onset he got all expedition members onto a group chat so travel, equipment and gas issues were sorted out seamlessly before we had even left our home ports! The dive boat and crew were fantastic, not only highly experienced but also expert divers that could help with any dive question or issue.

The diving is sensational, awesome visibility combined with the best wrecks on the planet, why wouldn’t you want to go there? My trip was a complete success, the only downside is I now find it hard to get excited about other dive sites!! Aron has the experience and knowledge to get you there and get you down and dirty to all great spots on the sunken atomic fleet.

If your after world class expedition wreck diving combined with a world class dive team, give Aron a call, you won’t be disappointed.”

Laurence Martin - Bikini Atoll 2019


"Bikini Atoll had been on my list of dream destinations for quite a while. When I saw Aron's post on Instagram about a live aboard trip to Bikini in the coming year I jumped on the opportunity to go. When you think about a dive trip to Bikini it doesn't get much more remote and logistically complicated. However once I arrived in Kwajalein Aron was there to meet everyone and from then on we were all in good hands. Trip was run like a well oiled machine, the boat was setup to accommodate technical/CCR divers and diver safety was always kept at the forefront of our priorities. I couldn't have asked for much more. I also would be remiss if I didn't mention the amazing crew onboard the Truk Master.

From the well organized dive deck with someone always ready to help with donning gear to the chef making sure there was a vegetarian option available for me at each meal. They were top-notch all around. Oh, and the diving! Conditions were amazing, warm water, great viz and minimal current. I could have easily spent the entire trip exploring the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga and been perfectly satisfied. However, the Prinz Eugen, IJN Nagato and USS Arkansas were all icing on the cake for me. I highly recommend Aron and The Dirty Dozen Expeditions."

Dallas S. Simpson - New York, USA - Bikini Atoll 2019


“What do you look for in entrusting someone to a lead a once or twice in a lifetime dive trip? For me, it comes down to a few things, but the biggest is simple. Is the leader a value-add? Does the leader have the location knowledge to increase the quality of dives as well as the safety of the dives? Has the operator thought through all of the logistics and could-go-wrongs and made precautions to avoid those?

When my team and I first started to look into a Bikini expedition in 2016 (and before The Dirty Dozen was a thing), we made the error of going through a travel agent who, through a combination of short-sightedness and errant presumptions, often lead us astray and turned relatively simple questions into a large ordeal. As the 2019 trip neared closer, I had started to hear murmurings of how well the DD trips had been orchestrated and reached out to Aron to answer few questions in hopes he could clear up some cloudiness.

Not only did he send back his expedition planning PDF but he went out of his way to help in any other manner that he could. In conversations that followed both before our trip and after, I’ve grown to appreciate that in his years as a Cruise Director (aboard the Truk Master, no less) and the first few years of his Expeditions, he’s either thought through it all or seen it all. Everything from best-gas logistics to site choice to even how to avoid United’s infamous Island Hopper losing all of your stuff (of 10 of us, 4 individuals were left without 5 bags for the trip) has been considered.

I don’t hesitate to recommend Aron and his operation to anyone with a vested interest in diving Chuuk, Bikini, or Myanmar. The guest stars and photo albums are the cherry on top of a strong foundation built in experience. “

Grant Tobin - Bikini Atoll 2019


Fantastic experience Truk is an exceptional diving location. Outstanding historical monuments at all depths catering for divers qualified on CCR / OC Trimix to recreational divers happy to swim around some Betty Bombers in the shallows. Operation Hailstone was a significant event in history. As divers we are now fortunate enough to immerse ourselves upon these remarkable World War wrecks thanks to the wonderful experience that Aron offers with the Dirty Dozen Expeditions.

Aron had spent a year in Truk before starting the DD so had a real intimate knowledge of each and every wreck on the itinerary. This is priceless knowledge that he is more then willing to share with his guests throughout your time aboard the Truk Master. The Captain, Martin, an outstanding CCR diver and photographer in his own right, has been there even longer and is the man that leads the nightly briefings of the wrecks you will be diving the following day.

His briefings were outstanding and really highlighted the history your going to experience on your dives. An added bonus is Rod McDonalds book that is scattered around the cabin for you to get even more detail from. The diving is superb. It helps put into context what actually happened there as you swim past torpedos, tanks, medical kits and the odd skull still buried into the sand beside the sunken vessel. The deeper wrecks we were lucky to explore are virtually untouched, covered with reminders of the Japanese fleet. Its a sobering but exhilarating experience.

My favourite part of each dive was the deco where we ascended along the attached shot line watching the teeming marine life of sharks, rays and barracudas circling as you gazed down onto the wreck reliving the dive on her. Do yourself a favour, start planning to tick Truk Lagoon off your Diving Bucket List. There’s no better operator out there then The Dirty Dozen to satisfy your desire for some wreck porn.

Jeffrey Glenn - Go Pro Asia - Truk Lagoon 2018


"When I got a job offer to move to the Marshall Islands I had one goal: learn to scuba dive. After some research I learned I wouldn't be far from Bikini Atoll at which point I decided I would, one day, dive the nuclear test site. Realizing it would require more than an Open Water certification, I worked my way up to PADI TecRec 50. Nearly six years and 525-ish dives later the opportunity presented itself and I was on my way to what I consider high-level bragging rights.

The timing worked out to my advantage as the Truk Master wasn't doing trips to Bikini until recently, so I was able to not only do some of the most amazing wreck diving in the world, but also do it in comfort with an amazing crew and guides and dive buddies. While being pampered isn't as much of a bragging right, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this trip to any of my fellow dive buddies and there's a good chance I'll make another trip there one day.”

Matthew Hess, Kwajalein Atoll, RMI - Bikini Atoll 2019


“We had known Aron for a long time now, back when he was a partner in Blue Immersion in Dahab, Egypt.

It has always been a pleasure to go there again and again as much for the people as for the diving.

So when my eye caught an ad gathering Truk, tek and Aron that was the trigger we needed to jump on a trip to discover Truk and its numerous wrecks.

Onboard everything was perfect : the boat, the staff and Aron. He really cooked it the right way (and for a French frog, cooking the right way is important).

I would just say it is dangerously addictive as we enlisted for Bikini with Aron. To prepare the new trip we certified in rebreather, bought rebreathers and are practicing to get our MOD2 before some more wrecks.

So dangerously addictive.

Just can’t wait for a new destination to open...”

Dominika Malczewska and Thomas Pouvreau - Truk Lagoon 2018


“If you enjoy exploring seldom-dived, massive shipwrecks in conditions that rival most aquariums, then this is the trip for you. Aron is an incredible trip leader and the crew of the Truk Master expertly handle every detail of your topside experience. Highly recommend!”

Richard Keith Lewis - GUE Seattle - Bikini Atoll 2018