Certification prerequisites: PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER OR EQUIVALENT.

  • Nitrox certification is not mandatory but highly recommended for your own safety and to give you maximum dive times.

  • A Wreck Diver specialty is also useful and means you can enjoy the wrecks as much as possible.

There are no dive shops in Truk Lagoon so you can’t purchase diving equipment and open circuit spares on the trip. Our expedition vessel has some recreational diving equipment on board for hire, but it’s important you bring as many spares as possible for your personal configuration as we don’t carry spares for all brands.

If you have your equipment serviced before coming to Truk, then use it a couple times before traveling to ensure there are no problems. Bring plenty of lights, the more powerful, the better.

The diving conditions in Truk Lagoon are excellent. The atoll offers relatively easy diving but Truk Lagoon is also often regarded as a deep, technical diving location, with big challenging wrecks and advanced penetrations.

However, the truth is that 70% of the more than 40 wrecks lie within 40m/141ft depth. It is ideal to visit throughout the year in terms of environmental conditions.

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